PSF loans may be used to cover temporary payment backlogs or other cash-flow needs. If you are waiting for a bank loan, a receivable from your counterparty, a sale of company’s assets or a subsidy, this solution is definitely for you.

Normally in these circumstances Clients need a loan for a very short time.

This is precisely why we have prepared the BRIDGE Loan offer.

It is a solution for crisis situations - money obtained very quickly at a reasonable price.


An undertaking (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation)



Financing period

Up to 90 days

Interest payment


Repayment of principal

A single payment at the end of the financing period (balloon payment)

Purpose of financing


Minimum amount

PLN 100,000

Maximum amount

PLN 1,000,000


Up to 35%

Primary security

Assignment of real estate ownership (applies to residential and commercial properties, undeveloped plots and recreational properties)

Early repayment

Anytime, in whole or in part, at no extra cost

Average cost per month

10% one-time commision, 0% interests, no monthly costs

Applications for loans up to PLN 300,000 are assessed following a simplified procedure – no third-party valuation report is required

This offer is provided for information purposes only – it is not a commercial offer in the meaning of Article 66.1 of the Civil Code.