Check the amount of the loan you can get

PSF loans are always secured by real estate. The maximum amount of the loan depends on the value of collateral. Please indicate the approximate value of the real estate that will secure the loan.

Loan repayment schedule

Instalment Interest Principal
1 PLN 875
2 PLN 875
3 PLN 875
4 PLN 875
5 PLN 875
6 PLN 875
7 PLN 875
8 PLN 875
9 PLN 875
10 PLN 875
11 PLN 875
12 PLN 875 PLN 105 000

Loan amounts obtained using this online calculator are approximate and illustrative only, and apply to the Standard Loan. They only serve information purposes and should not be treated as an offer, recommendation or invitation to enter into a loan agreement, or a consulting service. Detailed information on loan costs and repayment terms is provided only after PSF has assessed the loan application. Our commission, not included in the presented calculation, adds to the cost of the loan.