Purchase of receivables

As part of the PSF group, we offer the possibility of purchasing loan receivables in cooperation with the PSF NS FIZ securitization fund (entered in the register of investment funds under number RFI 1164).

The terms of the transaction are negotiated on an individual basis. The offer is preceded by the process of examination of receivables with emphasis placed on the value and legal status of collateral.

We combine all tools at our disposal to ensure an efficient course of the purchase process. We purchase selected mortgage-secured receivables and debt portfolios, both retail and corporate.

We cooperate with renowned law firms, property appraisers and banks to negotiate the best terms of purchase of receivables. A purchase of receivables may be an excellent alternative to a debt collection process spread over time.

A re-negotiation of loan indebtedness terms can be an effective way of restructuring liabilities and regaining financial liquidity.